Monday, June 30, 2008


While, yes, I did have a blog for Rwanda Knits a year+ ago, I have not had been able to devote to it time it deserved - until now. Without the help of volunteer cooperative specialist, Laura Hanson, on-the-ground in Rwanda, the now 29 knitting cooperatives would be where they are today - having filed paperwork to become legally registered for-profit cooperatives.

The women of Rwanda Knits are the real stars, however. They are amazingly resourceful when it comes to growing their businesses - and incredibly patient, having to file and re-file paperwork required by a new Rwandan cooperative law. But they are determined to make knitting their life-long income-producer.

Meet Geofrey Katushabe, Rwanda Knits' Project Manager, shown here with his grandmother and grandfather. Also, Esperance and me going over a knitting technique. Esperance, Urumuri cooperative's "fearless leader," a young woman whose entire family with the exception of one sister, was wiped out during the 1994 genocide. Esperance and the other Rwanda Knits teachers formed their own knitting group in Negasambu, about a half hour outside Kigali.
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I'll see you in a day or two to share more of what's happening with Rwanda Knits!