Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lawrence Woodmere Academy Supports Rwanda Knits!!

I was so thrilled to receive a "website inquiry" from Alex Dillon, telling me that his students had researched a program they wanted to support.  But let me let Allen explain:

The school is Lawrence Woodmere Academy, in Woodmere, NY, a K-12 independent school. The class raised $165 through a dress-down fundraiser. (Students and faculty paid $5 each to be able to break dress-code on Friday and wear casual clothes.) The students chose your organization by first looking up global, national and locally based charities on the Web, and then having a vote on which organization to have a fundraiser for. They chose Rwanda Knits because of the emphasis on enabling skills and productivity for lasting, sustainable improvement. As part of the fund-raising campaign, they also spoke to a school-wide assembly about the history and current state of politics, society and economy in Rwanda.

Thanks so much!  Perhaps one day you or one of your students will be able to visit that amazing country.