Thursday, July 9, 2009

Profile: Caritas Keyitesi, Ingenzi Knit Union Supervisory Committee

Twenty-seven-year-old Caritas serves as both a member of the Ingenzi Knit Union Supervisory Committee and one of the top models for the Rwanda Knits project.  She loves showing off the latest in Rwandan knitwear fashion almost as much as she loves knitting!  With the support of her husband Pascal and two-year-old son, she is excited to move from President of Hosiana Cooperative to this new leadership role in the Union.  “I wish to help establish a fair system of working,” she says.Anticipating challenges that new leaders in the Union may hesitate to take risks or make the decisions necessary, she expects that having more capacity will help the Union to be strong.  “The Union will be the speaker for all the primary cooperatives at the highest level.” 

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