Thursday, July 9, 2009

Profile: Rose Manirarora, Ingenzi Knit Union President

Rose marked her thirtieth birthday this year with a momentous accomplishment: her election as President of the Ingenzi Knit Union.  She has been a member of Mpore Mama Cooperative for years, gaining knitting skills with the support of Rwanda Knits and the Imbuto Foundation, and promises to be “committed to my job and try to work equitably to consider the needs of all members of the union.”  She looks forward to several benefits of Union membership, including the chance “to work together, to gain skills through training, and to get advise from various people.”  She also anticipates meeting challenges ranging from convincing fellow co-op members to be active participants in meetings to finding new markets.  “Rwandan women are standing up,” she says, “but we need more training so that we have enough skills to develop partnerships with people outside Rwanda and look for new markets in the USA.”

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